Earn money with sports betting – is that possible?

Successful sports betting! More and more people are captivated by the fascination of sports betting. But the disappointment is great, without profit. The stakes often exceed the profit.
We offer seminars for beginners and advanced students. Alternatively you can also use our padTIPs.

Sports betting is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Those who believe that you can get rich in a very short time … loses.

Those who are impatient… loses.
He who is greedy… loses.

These wisdoms are certainly not new – but that’s where the bookies make money! Think about it.

No merchant accepts an offer without having checked it first.

Without preparation it does not work. Reason enough to be aware of the following:

The bookmaker offers an odds – that’s just a quote. We do not have to accept this offer.

A good preparation has the advantages – better assess the market and choose the appropriate strategy.

By a preview into the past, we draw conclusions for the future!

Citation: Evan McK

There is a relation between past and future sporting events. A probability calculation is based on this consideration. Every bookie uses it to calculate the odds. You will learn your own and above all reliable calculations in the seminar.

Sportwetten Seminare

Luck and bad luck – two factors that we exclude!

If you believe in so-called “lucky streaks” or “bad lucky streaks”, than don’t read any more. Would you please stop with sports betting!

It is not possible to precisely predict a single sporting event.

It is possible, through stochastics (Calculation of probability) to make forecasts over a period of time. For example, out of 10 sports events X are won and X are lost. The strategy and money management are based on these “X – values”.

1. The preparation and selection of the variant
2. Money management (linear, per unit or progressive)
3. Not only profit – also loss is determined

Preparation "Estimation" (90% to 100%)
Money stake (1% to 20%)
Profit and loss (plus X % - minus X %)

What can you expect and what advantages does a seminar have!

Whether you already have experience or you are a newcomer – you benefit from our know-how and experience. Our seminars are aimed at everyone, who improve their income, or want to make “sports betting” to your main job.

The seminar is individual
The contents are tailored to your personal needs.
Technical requirements
Meine eigenen Methoden und Strategien.
The money management is tailored to your personal requirements.
You will learn to make relevant decisions.
We practice until you understand everything 100%.

Theory and practice … during the seminar we will go live into the market and earn money directly.

Surely you still have questions. Just get in touch!

padTIPs A great alternative to the seminar

What are padTIPs

Sportwetten Seminare

padTIPs are a worthwhile strategy, combined with the necessary picks. The result is perfect.
To be able to use the padTIPs correctly, you need some instructions.

Your benefits

Sportwetten Seminare

Work every day a week.
No contract or membership is necessary.
You receive the padTIPs as PDF documents.

Free test phase

Sportwetten Seminare

Check this offer in advance.
Use the non-binding test phase.
Then decide if you want to work with the padTIPs.

  • PRO
  • padTIPsBeginners and experienced
  • – Free test phase
    – Free time management
    – No contract
    padTIPs you receive per PDF
    – 10-15 tips per unit

  • – PDF download or as eMail
  • About 60 min. before the start
  • € 24,- per unit
  • If necessary then use the instructions
  • BASE
  • InstructionsGuide to use the padTIPs
  • – Requirements
    – General informations
    How to use the padTIPs
    – Money Management
    – Selection of bookmakers

  • – Phone, Skype, Teamviewer
  • Duration approx. 2-3 hours
  • € 120,- all-inclusive
  • Can be credited to the seminar
  • SeminarsBeginners and experienced
  • – Procedure
    – Preparation and Estimation
    – Money Management
    + Trading Strategy
    + Three types of sport

  • Face-to-face or Phone, Skype, Teamviewer
  • Duration 3 days – 10 hours each day
  • € 1800,- all-inclusive
  • An investment that pays off